Lockdown Crafts – Kokedama Heart Wreath

Took part in an on-line workshop last week to create this lovely kokedama heart wreath. Very appropriate for Valentine’s Day or for a wedding. The Japanese art of kokedama literally means moss-ball. Plant roots are enclosed in a ball of moist soil which is then wrapped in moss and secured with wire or decorative twine.

Start by twisting together three strands of thick decorative wire wire secure the ends by twisting together. Gently form into a heart shape.

The technique is to wrap your wire heart with moss incorporating small plants as you progress. Each plant and it’s moss wrapping must be firmly secured by wrapping florists reel wire around each section. I used small succulent and ivy plants.

Add some colour to the wreath by attaching dried flower heads with florists glue. I used helichrysum flowers.

Finish the wreath by wiring in some pieces of pussy willow to emphasise the shape of the heart and adding a ribbon hanging loop. The wreath can either be hung outside (in which case there is no real need to water it). It can also be hung inside and should then be watered once a week by leaving in a shallow tray of water for a few minutes then draining.

The wreath should last for many months and can have plants added or replaced at any time. I really would recommend trying kokedama to create beautiful creations for your home or garden. Many thanks to Alison Cooper of The Flower Studio – Manchester who was an amazing tutor. Also to the Cheshire Area of NAFAS who have kept everyone in local flower clubs sane during lockdown with fantastic programme of talks, workshops and demonstrations.


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